A2C Portal™

The A2C Portal™ includes:

A2C Dashboard and Reports

  • Dynamic graphical reporting on the real-time status of your critical WISP (Written Information Security Program) elements.

  • Up-to-date actionable data on your WISP.

  • Easy access for management to understand and manage your WISP.

A2C Simple Assessments™.

  • The foundation for developing and implementing your WISP.

  • Assessment is based on the ISO 27000 Security Framework Standard.

  • Management of assessment answers are entered and retained via the A2C Portal.

  • Compliance deficiencies that require remediation are identified maintained and managed via the A2Portal.

Remediation Prioritization

  • The Solution will recommend your remediation prioritization plan based upon the findings of the assessment results via the A2C Portal.

  • Continuous management and visibility to the status of those prioritizations is provided via the A2Portal.

A2C Policies and Procedures™

  • Complete set of enterprise quality InfoSec policies.

  • Policies can be readily downloaded, adopted and uploaded again to the portal for central distribution and viewing through the A2C Portal.

  • User policy access and visibility all provided through the A2C Portal.

A2C Vendor Assessments™

  • The ability to survey any and all service providers/business associates to query for their critical information security capabilities through the A2C Dashboard and Reports.

  • Addresses regulatory and contractual requirements.

  • Survey results are used to populate the A2C Portal dashboard's color coded display for quick and easy monitoring of the WISP status of your vendor network.

A2C Training and Testing™

  • Online information security awareness training.

  • Testing on the training comprehension, with pass/fail metric.

  • Certified for successful completion with passing grade.

  • Periodic user progress reporting to the administrator.

  • Delivered through the A2C Portal.


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