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Accelerate2Compliance™ (A2C) offers cost-effective and easy-to-use information security compliance solutions to help dealers - and their vendors - achieve and maintain regulatory requirements unique to their business.

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About Accelerate2Compliance

The A2C roadmap assists with identifying information security compliance risk, implementing policies and procedures, delivering ongoing training and testing, and assessing vendor vulnerabilities. In addition, via its strong network of information security technology and solution providers, A2C can help provide its customers a “one-stop shop” for their compliance needs.

Our support is delivered through the A2C Portal™, a cloud-based subscription software solution to provide users with a simple and efficient assessment process, robust tools and reports, and best business practices to guard against ever-increasing information security threats. A2C’s platform provides scale, configurability, and expansion modules to ensure you maintain, and can prove, compliance in today’s ever-changing privacy landscape.

Customer Promise / Value Proposition

A2C is a technology, process management and trusted advisor in the compliance risk and mitigation industry. We provide the technologies, policies, and best practices to help companies identify information security risk within their enterprise, such as personal information collection and storage, payment and settlement data, digital communications as well as employee compliance.

Our platform enables users to quickly assess information security compliance risk across all facets of their business, including but not limited to the collection of consumer private information.

The system provides clients a dashboard on exposure and vulnerabilities as well as provides remedies such as self-assessments, written policies templates, employee training, vendor risk management, and technology recommendations to mitigate the liability associated with the risk.

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Our Vision

Founded in 2015, Accelerate2Compliance has a simple mission: provide the simplest and most cost-effective information security compliance solution for dealerships, both independent and franchise-owned, in the automotive, powersports, RV and marine market verticals. Information security requirements are complex and can be very difficult to manage and implement. Providing simple and cost-effective tools for dealers in these market segments to address information security requirements enables our customers to get back to what they do best, selling more product!

Why A2C Was Founded

Accelerate2Compliance was founded by industry veterans across the Risk Management and IT Services sector. A2C was designed as a system to help small to medium-sized businesses tackle the information security compliance deficiencies within their business.

"We saw an opportunity to help exposed industries identify information security risk, establish policies and implement technology, which quite often is the difference between staying in business or not."

Greg Pfleider, CEO, A2C

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