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Accelerate2Compliance Expands Access to Information Security Compliance Solutions Through New Partnership With NCM Associates

January 10, 2024

MINNEAPOLIS (January 10, 2024) — FTC information security compliance leader Accelerate2Compliance (A2C) today announced the expanded availability of its dealership solutions under the company’s new partnership with NCM® Associates, a leading provider offering management training, 20 Group peer collaboration, consulting, Benchmark® reporting and software solutions to automotive and other industries.

“As a dealership leader, success requires attention to every aspect of your operation, including the increasingly important matter of information security,” said Paul Faletti, Jr., President and CEO of NCM Associates. “We at NCM are proud to add A2C’s best-in-class FTC compliance expertise to our suite of professional development and consulting services offered to our dealer clients.”

Information security has become an increasingly prominent factor during recent years among dealerships, which store substantial amounts of sensitive customer data. Particular interest in the subject has been spurred by the FTC’s new Safeguards Rule, which requires relevant businesses to follow stringent information security protocols.

“Customer data is central to every dealership, and with so much of this sensitive information being managed day-to-day, it’s crucial as a dealership leader to equip yourself with trusted information security expertise,” said Greg Pfleider, CEO of A2C. “We are proud to be a resource for dealers on their journey to FTC compliance through our collaboration with NCM and do our part to help make automotive a stronger, more secure industry.”

Serving dealerships across the automotive, heavy truck, marine, powersports and RV categories, the A2C program is built to help dealers install complete and technical FTC safeguards and related solutions. The A2C roadmap assists with identifying information security compliance risk, implementing policies and procedures, delivering ongoing training and testing, and assessing vendor vulnerabilities.

“With so many daily priorities vying for dealers’ attention, learning how to comply with complex regulations can feel like a daunting challenge — which is why we’re bringing information security compliance within reach for more dealers by uniting the specialized expertise of A2C with the performance solutions of NCM,” Pfleider said. “Supporting the success of dealership professionals is a shared mission between A2C and NCM, and it’s because of this common goal that our companies are joining forces to provide even better value for dealers.”

Additional information on how dealers can protect their businesses from information security compliance risks with A2C is available at Information on management training, 20 Groups, Consulting, Benchmark Reporting and Software Solutions from NCM is available at

About Accelerate2Compliance™

(A2C) offers a cost-effective and easy-to-use information security compliance solutions to help dealers – and their vendors – achieve and maintain regulatory requirements unique to their business. The A2C roadmap assists with identifying information security compliance risk, implementing policies and procedures, delivering ongoing training, and testing, and assessing vendor vulnerabilities. In addition, via its strong network of information security technology and solution providers, A2C can help provide its customers a “one stop shop” for their compliance needs. Its support is delivered through the A2C Portal™, a cloud-based subscription software solution to provide auto dealers with a simple and efficient assessment process, robust tools and reports, and best business practices to guard against ever-increasing information security threats. A2C’s platform provides scale, configurability, and expansion modules to ensure you maintain, and can prove, compliance in today’s ever-changing privacy landscape.

About NCM Associates

At NCM Associates, our business is knowledge. We proudly serve thousands of business owners throughout the United States and Canada. From in-depth management and leadership training to customized business consulting, we deliver the knowledge owners and managers need to take their operations to the next level. In addition to being the largest 20 Group provider in the United States and Canada, we offer software solutions to help business owners review and analyze critical financial data to make informed decisions for their operations.

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Why A2C?

Compliance is an incredibly complicated topic, but our solution is the opposite of complicated: it’s just simple. We take the complexities of information security compliance and simplify them, so you can know what you need to do, do it efficiently, then get back to doing what you do best. You’ll get everything you need from us, and that’s all – you will not be paying for extras you DON’T need. We know what we’re doing. As you begin your information security compliance journey with A2C, you can rest assured you’ll be headed down the road to compliance.

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