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Matthew Vatter

October 18, 2023

A2C’s Chief Compliance Officer Matt Vatter works with A2C’s clients to ensure the quality of their information security programs. Matt joined A2C in early 2023 after 37 years in the Minnesota National Guard, during which he completed tours of duty in Iraq and rose to the rank of a full colonel. More recently, Matt served as Assistant Commissioner for Enforcement for the Minnesota Department of Commerce, where he first crossed paths with A2C working on the issue of regulatory compliance. Matt currently serves on the advisory board of the University of Minnesota’s Technological Leadership Institute, and recently received a Visionary Leadership Award from the 2023 Minnesota Cyber Security Summit.

Vatter lives in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, where he is a high-performance driving instructor and enjoys hunting, fishing, and hiking. He has one son and a black lab named Pete, the latter of whom he won as a prize in an essay contest while he was on a tour of duty in Iraq.

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Why A2C?

Compliance is an incredibly complicated topic, but our solution is the opposite of complicated: it’s just simple. We take the complexities of information security compliance and simplify them, so you can know what you need to do, do it efficiently, then get back to doing what you do best. You’ll get everything you need from us, and that’s all – you will not be paying for extras you DON’T need. We know what we’re doing. As you begin your information security compliance journey with A2C, you can rest assured you’ll be headed down the road to compliance.

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